Random Island Soapery

Natural handmade soaps & balms

Hi! I am Cindy and I am the owner of Random Island Soapery.

I started making soap about nine years ago. My reason for starting was because I and my three children all had eczema quite bad and I was sick and tired of having to use steroid creams on us.

My husband gave me the idea to try and make my own soap to see if that would help. So after a lot of research, I made my first all-natural soap. It was a chamomile soap and extremely mild. To this day it is still one of my biggest sellers.

After having success with relieving some of the dry itchy skin by using my homemade soap I decided to try my hand at making a moisturizer that would also help our terribly dry skin and so my line of body butter was born. I also made a body scrub to help with my poor dry cracked heels and hands.

By this time I had been making soap for about a year and it seemed like it was time to share this with others. I began with selling at one local fall fair that year and it was successful. Since then I have added a few more items and many many new types of soap. I typically do 8 or 10 fall fairs, a couple of fundraisers every year, and many local farmers’ markets from June until December.

My products can also be found in a few retail stores around the island. I absolutely love making these products for my family and for others to enjoy. Everything is made in small batches with great attention to detail. I hope you all find something you would love to try!




Bloomfield, Newfoundland

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