Welcome to OUTPORT! We’re so excited to have you on board.

As one of OUTPORT’s first 150 sign-ups, you’ll get a free month’s listing from Tuesday, November 17th.

To prevent your listing from expiring, you will need to complete the following steps before December 17th:

  1. Visit http://www.outportnl.ca and locate your listing.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of your listing and click “Claim it Now”.
  3. You will be prompted to register and create and account.
  4. Once you have created an account you can follow the steps to submit a claim and pay your submission fee.


Once your claim has been approved, you will have the opportunity to update your listing. Please double-check that your contact info and content are still up to date. Please note that SOME FIELDS HAVE CHANGED – so we ask that you review your listing carefully and amend/add information where necessary.

Be aware that BASIC and FEATURED members will have only ONE opportunity to update your listing(s). PREMIUM members will have access to unlimited edits/updates and can manage their own listings to reflect product/service/seasonal changes.

YOUR LISTING WILL BE LIVE FOR 365 DAYS FROM THE 17TH DECEMBER, so you will still benefit from a month’s free trial.

UPDATE: Since we will not be introducing the loyalty card scheme until late next year – you will no longer be required to offer a discount to customers. If, however, you choose to do so, your listing will feature a special “PERK” tag and will be promoted more widely across our site and social media channels. If you do not wish to offer a perk at this time, please write “NONE” in the relevant field.

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A note from our family

We’ve been working passionately and steadily on this venture for more than 6 months – and we hope our enthusiasm comes across in the work you see.

Our goal is to build and grow a beautiful and accessible platform to help promote your business to the people of our province.

We are still brand new, and finding our feet – and we appreciate your patience when it comes to our initial set-up and launch. We are a small, independent, family-run business like you.

If you encounter a problem, or if something isn’t as clear or as easy as it should be – please tell us so we can fix it and improve.

I’m so thankful for all the support we’ve received so far, and for your patronage.

On behalf of myself, my extremely supportive and selfless husband Oli, and my mischievous, just-learning-to-throw-tantrums (and lots of other things) Baby Ava – thank you.

Welcome to your OUTPORT. I hope you find support, community and inspiration here.