Outport Checklist

It just takes 5 minutes to create a listing and join the community. But just before you do, in keeping with out “support local” ethos, we need to check a few things:

You should . . .

✔️ Be an independent small business/artist/sole-trader

✔️Be located in Newfoundland & Labrador (owned and operated)

✔️ Have at least one high-resolution, unbranded image – that means no logos – we recommend 5!

We cannot accept . . .

𝗫 Franchises

𝗫 MLM or pyramid schemes (ie. Scentsy, Epicure)

𝗫 Airbnb operations that are not licensed accommodations

All good? Right on, buddy! Here we go!!!!

Keep it short and descriptive as it will appear on search results instead of the link description
Include any key words that might help customers find you! There is no limit on tags, so go wild. Separate with a comma.
Visitors can filter their search by the categories, so be sure to include all the relevant ones
Tick any services/amenities that apply.
Your business address, if you have one. Or, if you work from home, feel free to list just your community.
In which region(s) is your business physically located?
The first image will be shown on listing cards.
Feel free to change the text format to fit your needs.
You have the option to offer Outport customers a special discount or "perk". You are not required offer a perk, but businesses who do will be promoted more widely across our site. If you choose to offer a BOGO or Free Item/Service, please list specific details (ie. Free drink with purchase of any burger) in your description.
Be sure to include the FULL profile address - NOT just the @handle