Outport Checklist

It just takes 5 minutes to create a listing and join the community. But just before you do, in keeping with out “support local” ethos, we need to check a few things:

You should . . .

✔️ Be an independent small business/artist/sole-trader

✔️Be located in Newfoundland & Labrador (owned and operated)

✔️ Have at least one high-resolution, unbranded image – that means no logos – we recommend 5!

We cannot accept . . .

𝗫 Franchises

𝗫 MLM or pyramid schemes (ie. Scentsy, Epicure)

𝗫 Airbnb operations that are not licensed accommodations

All good? Right on, buddy! Here we go!!!!

Choose a package

Create a Listing


Your very own corner of Outport NL – free of charge.

In an effort to create a totally inclusive and accessible platform, it’s now completely free to create an OUTPORT listing.