OUTPORT chats with James, owner and operator of Thompson’s Beard Co. in Clarenville.

OUTPORT: Hi James! It’s nice to meet the man (and the beard) behind Thompson’s Beard Co.! We understand that you’re a Newfoundlander by choice, rather than chance – where do you hail from and what brought you to our beautiful island?

JAMES: Hello! I’m from Halifax, originally, but I’ve been based in Newfoundland for two and a half years now.

OUTPORT: Tell us why you decided to get into making beard oils.

JAMES: I’ve had a beard for going on 8 years. I started making beard oils when I realized I needed them myself, about 5 years ago. For the first 3 years, I just kind of rolled with it. I used regular soap or shampoo – but it left my beard dry, and not very nice. So I started experimenting and using some of the guys I worked with as guinea pigs!

OUTPORT: And your products have found success worldwide and been featured in top men’s lifestyle magazines like GQ! Have your offerings or recipes evolved over time?

JAMES: Yes! We started off with a few different scent options – originally we had 5 or 6 oils, beard balm, oil-based pomade; but we soon learned that less is more, and we refined our line to include 4 beard oils, one type of balm, beard wash, a whipped beard, shampoo – and some branded merch.

OUTPORT: What advice would you give to someone thinking about jumping on the beard-wagon? Can you recommend a facial hair routine?

JAMES: Make sure your trim your neckline – give it some definition. You’ll want a good wash in the morning, then apply our oils right after your shower to a warm, damp beard. Once you employ these things, you’ll have good, healthy skin and a healthy root system. And as long as you’re using the right oils – not watered down – then you’ll be okay!

OUTPORT: Do you have a secret ingredient?

JAMES: It’s not really a secret, but we do use the best ingredients – excellent carrier oils, vitamin E, argan oil. Ingredients specific to keeping your facial hair healthy.

OUTPORT: Okay, but – tell us the truth – isn’t it itchy?

JAMES: All beards are itchy if you don’t use the proper gear. If you’re thirsty, you take a drink. Your beard will tell you when it’s thirsty – it’ll flake, and it will itch! But with the proper regiment, you can avoid that.

OUTPORT: We’ll be sure to pass this on to the bearded people in our lives.

JAMES: And to the beardless ones, too! Beard oil isn’t just for beards! Our oils make great pre-shave oils – they’re moisturizing and deliver nutrients to your skin and are perfect for straight razor shaves, legs, and underarms.

OUTPORT: Where can we buy your oils?

JAMES: Contact us via our website or instagram – everything is there, we’re very transparent. Feel free to ask us anything!

OUTPORT: Thank you, James! It’s been a pleasure.

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Bare Mountain Coffee House – awesome location and great staff!

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Not being a native Newfoundlander I’d say one of my favourite spots is Bonavista when Icebergs are in.

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